2006 Texas Heat Wave Custom Truck Show – Turning Up the Heat
August 24, 2006
Custom 1996 GMC Yukon – All the Way Down
May 16, 2017

Custom 1992 Chevrolet C3500 Dualie – Mrs. Dima

Ever since the first time that cynthia diaz laid eyes on a slammed dualie, she knew that one day she would own one. but, she wouldn’t be satisfied with any old lowered dualie rockin’ puny 16-1/2-inch wheels and a static drop. cynthia was shooting for something a little more extreme-like the trucks she was used to seeing at her husband’s shop. for those who don’t know, cynthia’s husband is alfredo diaz, the owner of dima wheels, the company that makes those really trick 22- and 24-inch dualie wheels

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